Inactivity Time Bomb

Inactivity time bomb is a report about the economic costs of physical inactivity in Europe.

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Moving more is one of the most important things you can do for your health, but it also makes people happier. That is why The Coca-Cola Company is supporting day-to-day physical activity through more than 90 active lifestyle programmes in local communities in 30 countries in Europe, involving 3.5 million people per year. This is a long-term commitment. The Coca-Cola Company wants to continue to get people more active, more often and is investing in local community programmes to achieve this goal. Its European ambition is to involve 10 million people in physical activity programmes by 2020.

To get people to become sufficiently active requires a transformation that can only be achieved through innovative partnerships and cross-sector collaboration. This requires government, civil society and business to work together. The Coca-Cola Company is actively seeking these partnerships throughout all of the programmes it supports.

The Coca-Cola Company has engaged in such a partnership with ISCA. Through The Coca-Cola Foundation, the companies' charitable arm, the company supported in 2012 the launch of ISCA's NowWeMove campaign and in 2013 the three year programme MOVE Activation which aims to give hard-to-reach population groups access to physical activity opportunities. The support for ISCA's advocacy efforts with this report, builds from this partnership and reflects the joint ambition to get more people active.